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The Zenchi LTD team has more than 15 years combined experience providing our brokering services to independent professionals and fortune 500 companies alike in acquiring difficult and premium priced domain property.

Domain Name Brokering (Buy/Sell)

Allow us to perform all the legwork which includes thorough research and analysis of the domain property which also covers checks into any legal or trademark issues that may arise.

All communication and negotiation are handled fully by staff to which you are kept fully informed throughout.

Typical Language barriers are not an issue whether Farsi or Spanish we have it covered.

We assist with any legal contractual agreements with your legal or provide legal services should it be needed and assist with domain name transfer process from beginning to end.

All domain name transactions are processed through a trusted licensed and regulated escrow service for the security of all parties.


Zenchi LTD provides free initial consultation to better understand your needs please do not hesitate to contact us. We will assess the value of your digital asset property and provide useful resources for your use.

We typically will only work with domain name property valued at $100,000 USD and above and we will negotiate the purchase of domain name property privately for clients at a fixed fee.

If we cannot provide adequate assistance with your request we will connect you with influential members of the industry who can.


Zenchi LTD charges a flexible commission set on a case-by-case basis only due upon a successful sale or acquisition of a digital asset for a client. In some rare cases a retainer fee of $1,100 USD may be due upfront.